Rexton Hearing Aids Review

When you buy hearing aids, you want to be assured that you are buying a product that stands the test of time and can improve your quality of life. Hearing aids can be incredibly useful in aiding people’s ability to understand speech and to amplify their ability to hear. Hearing loss is typically caused by damage to the small sensory cells in the inner ear, called hair cells.

This type of hearing loss is called sensorineural hearing loss. Improving one’s ability to hear can lead to improved family communication, personal relationships, an improved sense of confidence, independence, and increased safety. This is especially true if hearing loss is teamed with aging or loss of other functions.

With more people than ever suffering from hearing loss and a huge market for hearing aids and surrounding products, there are so many consumer choices available. This means there is a tonne of information to search through and so many brands vying for your attention. We’ve done the hard work for you by reviewing one of the leading manufacturers of hearing aids Rexton so you can buy with confidence. 

Who is Rexton?

Rexton has been making state-of-the-art hearing aids since 1955 and is a reliable and trusted brand. Rexton is a subsidiary brand of Silvantos, using Seimens technology who has been making hearing aids, customizable faceplates, and accessories for over half a century.

They are considered to be one of the world’s most trustworthy hearing aid brands. Rexton has also recently created a $60 000 scholarship as part of their 60th-anniversary celebrations to support current and future students studying towards becoming doctors of audiology.

Each year, students are selected to receive financial support to help with their education toward becoming hearing healthcare professionals. It’s great to see Rexton using its clout in the industry to fund research and support future students. 

Are Rexton Hearing Aids Good?

Rexton has been consistently at the forefront of hearing aid development and has led the way in several industry firsts. These include the first Behind the Ear (or BTE) hearing aid, the first Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid, and the first waterproof, shockproof and dustproof hearing aids.

There is also a wide array of hearing aids available to suit every person’s daily needs. What makes Rexton stand out is the level of customization available with their hearing aids so you can forget about your expensive and essential bits of kit falling out of place and getting lost.

Whilst Rexton hearing aids can get expensive, they have a huge range of models which means you can choose what features are most important to you. 

Are Rexton Hearing Aids made in Germany?

Yes- Seimens makes their hearing aids in Germany- of which Rexton is one of their sub-brands. 

Is Rexton the same as Signia?

Yes- Rexton is a subsidiary of Signia Seimens and is powered by Seimen’s Hearing Systems’ German engineering technology. They both offer different models of hearing aids and specialize in different aspects but are both powered by Seimen’s engineering. 

Do Rexton Hearing Aids have Bluetooth?

Yes- Rexton hearing aids are Bluetooth connected and have a handy app that makes adjusting your hearing aids on the go discreet and easy. Rexton has free apps available which let you adjust your hearing aids’ volume, microphone directionality, check your battery, and more.

They also have the capability to stream directly from your phone so you can listen to podcasts and music on the go without having to switch devices. 

What kind of hearing aids does Rexton make?

Rexton has three different types of hearing aids available, all specializing in slightly different functions. Read on to find out the difference between them to see which ones suit your needs. 

Motion-Core Hearing Aids

Rexton’s Motion-Core range is specialized to automatically recognize and adapt to your environment so you can focus on the most important task at hand and block out the noise. It is developed to register over 20 different sound situations. These hearing aids are designed to be durable, practical, and easy to use.

  • M-Core SR– a rechargeable and practical design that comes with a sleek charging case. The case can carry three full charges (up to 4 days’ use) so you know you’ll always be able to rely on your hearing aids on the go. They also come in five stylish color combinations. 
  • M-Core R– a battery-powered option with a full day’s charge that comes with a lithium-ion battery charging option. This option comes in 10 different colors to suit your style. 
  • M-Core B-Li– a BTE option that is fully rechargeable and can hold a charge on ultra settings for an amazing 61 hours. This option comes in three different sizes and ten different colors so you can personalize your preference and get the fit that’s right for you. 
  • M-Core iX– this design is a virtually invisible in-ear bud that gives you maximum discretion with instant fit technology to stay snuggly in place in your ear canal. 

MyCore Hearing Aids

MyCore hearing aids feature six main things

  • Direct streaming-letting you use your hearing aids as microphone and earphones
  • Recognizing the user’s voice as naturally as possible
  • Voice Ranger-to maximize the natural volume of the target speaker whilst drawing out background noise
  • Stereo ilock- technology that allows you to focus a narrow directional listening beam on whatever direction you are pointing
  • Feedback preventer-to minimize whistling and noise interference
  • Dynamic extender to improve music quality and range of sounds

The MyCore range comes in 5 different styles and also comes with a range of fully compatible accessories. 

  • MyCore Stellar RIC 8C– a lithium-ion battery-powered device that has over 24hr playtime and full Bluetooth connectivity
  • MyCore Emerald XS/S/M 8C RIC– for severe to profound hearing loss, this model comes in a variety of sizes and full discreet performance capabilities. 
  • MyCore Mosaic M/P 8C BTE– a Behind the ear model that fits any =ear with flexible fitting and a size 13 battery for longer life. 
  • MyCore inoX CIC 8C– a model designed for both comfort and cosmetic appeal. An in-ear model with comfortable Click Sleeves to hold in place and mic directionality. 
  • Sterling 8C CIC/ IIC / ITE / ITC– maximum discretion with small sizes and custom-made housing. Binaural signal processing so you can hear more in loud environments.

TruCore Hearing Aids

Trucore hearing aids are designed to be used in even the noisiest of settings such as a busy restaurant or a loud stadium or concert. They act to reduce reverberation and focus on producing clean, clear sounds allowing you to connect naturally to every soundscape. Trucore aims to provide a more natural sound featuring the following-

  • Three functions
  • Tinnitus function
  • Reverb reduction
  • Durable construction
  • Six customizable programs
  • Music Enhancer

The TruCore range comes in five different product designs. 

  • TruCore Stellar Li 6 RIC– lithium-ion battery charges fully in 4 hours and stays functional for 24hrs, even when using Bluetooth. 
  • TruCore Emerald 6c RIC– this model comes in three sizes, for a fully flexible fit and ease of use with full functionality. 
  • TruCore Mosaic 6c BTE– behind the ear model with durable construction and full app capability
  • TruCore inoX 6c click and fit– a discreet in-ear model that clicks and fits for secure comfort and holds. Available in custom fits specifically for you. 
  • TruCore Sterling 6c Custom– fully featured for a completely customizable fit, the sterling is suitable for all levels of hearing loss. 

Are Rexton Hearing Aids Worth It?

Only you know how much you are willing to put into a new pair of hearing aids, but it’s worth investing in a pair that will last you many years and give you the best sound quality for the longest period. Rexton is a tried and trusted brand designed with specific functions in mind so you can choose what is most important to you.

The huge range of customization is pretty rare and is great to see with Rexton. Their prices vary greatly and it’s great to see them offer so many different options to suit everyone’s budget. They are also a brand that is constantly at the forefront of hearing aid development and it’s great to see them reinvesting back into the research community to develop more progressive technologies.

Having put together a list of all their available products, hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what it is Rexton offer and why they are a brand worth investing in.