Best Hearing Aids for Severe Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is more common than some may think, especially among seniors. It is estimated that around 30 million people over aged 60 suffer from some form of hearing loss but if that hearing loss is severe, finding that perfect hearing aid can prove that little bit trickier. 

If you have severe hearing loss, you may struggle to find a hearing aid that promises a strong enough sound quality to make every sound as audible and clear as possible, you may struggle to find one with the right equipment that allows you to adjust settings and maximize your communication with others, you might need one that allows you to cancel out other sounds when someone is speaking or you even might be struggling to find a style that fits you comfortably.

Well, not to worry, we’ve scoured the market for the best hearing aids not just for hearing loss, but for the most severe types of hearing loss, taking the stress off your shoulders for when it’s time to buy one yourself. We’ve also included a handy buyer’s guide at the end, in case you were still unsure on what to keep an eye out for, as well as some frequently asked questions. So, let’s get into it.


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First on our list are the Amerfist Personal Hearing Amplifiers. These hearing aids promise to let you live comfortably and enjoy the sounds of daily life with ease.

Simple to operate and with an adjustable mode, just the one button controls three different modes so you can adjust them according to your environment. You can even choose from four different frequency modes and four different types of volumes so that whatever the volume of your environment, you can still hear.

If comfort is what you’re searching for, search no further. The Amerfist hearing amplifiers are built with an ergonomic design to prevent them from falling out, they are lightweight, practical and even come with ultra-soft medical-grade earplugs.

The shell is also nano-coated whilst being waterproof and sweat-proof so is perfect to wear all day every day, and since the material domes come in a range of different sizes, they are also suitable not only for seniors but for any age below too.

Their design is small and so suitable for all types of ear canals and because they produce no radiation, are extremely safe to use.

They are easy to clean and are equipped with cleaning tools so that they can last as long as possible. They also happen to be rechargeable and only take 4 hours to recharge before allowing you 55 more hours of use. Two charging cables and two adapters are included in the box. We promise the Amerfist hearing amplifiers will not disappoint, so give them a go!


  • After-sale service- If you find yourself unhappy with the earplugs or come across an issue, you can contact Amerfist who will be happy to help.
  • Comfortable- Ergonomic and lightweight design.
  • Rechargeable- 4 hours to charge and charge life lasts up to 55 hours.
  • Adjustable Mode- Can be adjusted for multiple different environments.
  • Suitable for all- Small design and the material domes come in different sizes.


  • Background Noise- There is a slight static sound yet all good hearing aids have this electric current and you will get used to it after two to three weeks.


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One of the most powerful models on the market and suitable for almost all levels of hearing loss, including the most severe is the Banglijian 201P Hearing Amplifier. Banglijian has produced all kinds of hearing aids but the 201P model is one of their most powerful ones.

Each hearing aid is designed specifically by a professional audiologist, giving you peace of mind it is safe, reliable, and durable. It even comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee and an 18-month warranty with free repairs or replacements.

The hearing aid is fully rechargeable via a USB cable and power adapter that is included in the box and runs with a lithium battery to save you from having to find button batteries all the time.

Some of its main features include a 4 channel signal processing system for different frequency regions, a speech noise synchronization deduction optimization, noise reduction technology to cancel out background noise, acoustic feedback cancellation, and 5 different volume levels.

Moreover, with a one-finger operation, this hearing aid can easily be controlled by all and with automatic memory, it allows the program and volume to remain the same when turned off and on unless it is manually changed by the user and so there is no need to fiddle around with settings every time you turn your device on.

If you want a hearing aid that is simple, but effective and powerful, look no further than the 201P Hearing Amplifier.


  • Rechargeable- Charge for only two hours to receive 20-24 hours of battery life.
  • Adaptable- Comfortable design that fits in either ear.
  • Money-Back Guarantee- 45-day money-back guarantee and 18-month warranty.
  • Advanced technology- 4 channel signal processing and noise cancellation technology.
  • Gift Design- The hearing aid comes with exquisite packaging and is complete with accessories.


  • Powerful- The device may be too powerful for anything below severe hearing loss and is not recommended for mild to moderate hearing loss.


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Next on our list are the Btitzgo BHA-220D Digital Hearing Amplifiers. With digital chip technology to automatically suppress noise distortion as well as four frequency modes to provide a clear hearing experience in every environment, it’s no wonder that these are the most popular model of hearing aids in the Blitzgo range.

Whether you are out for an evening run, at the gym, in a meeting, or at a party, these hearing aids promise power and performance all day long and are perfect for every occasion.

Despite them not specifically designed for the most severe cases of hearing loss, Blitzgo has reported that they have received feedback from customers that this model has helped them with hearing loss in the severe range anyway, and thus they deserve a space on our list of recommendations. 

The design of these hearing amplifiers is small and fits behind every ear. They are lightweight and practically invisible when placed on correctly.

They can be worn in either ear with the adjustable ambidextrous hearing tube which swivels left and right and with oversized buttons that are easy to navigate and control, this hearing aid promises to make your life easier. 

Not only is changing setting and frequency easy to control however but with the large battery and cartridge, replacing your battery also becomes a simple task. If you want simple but effective, the  BHA-220D hearing aids might be the ones for you.


  • Reliable- They come with a one-year warranty.
  • Long-Lasting- The battery life lasts up to 500 hours.
  • Adjustable to your Environment- Digital chip technology and four frequency modes (high, mid, low, wide) so you can hear in all surroundings.
  • Adaptable- Works in the left or right ear.
  • Inexpensive- High-quality hearing aids for a lower price.


  • Squealing- The hearing aids can sometimes squeal slightly if you put your hand near them but this can become a reminder to those who might forget to turn them on beforehand.


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Next on our list is the Volt Hearing Aids from MDHearing. These hearing aids are designed by doctors and combine the latest medical-grade technology to make your hearing crisp and clear once again.

These hearing aids will cancel out any background noise from loud restaurants to busy working offices to parties.

This is due to their fitted two directional microphones that identify which sounds you want to hear, their advanced noise reduction technology to amplify the human voice, the quick response feedback cancellation technology to eliminate any whistling, and four different environment settings so you’re prepared for any surrounding.

You can also say goodbye to tiny batteries as the hearing aids are fully rechargeable and the battery can last for around 18 hours after each charge. They even come with an Iron-Clad Guarantee which means if you aren’t happy with the product, you can send them straight back. MDHearingAid has helped over 500,000 Americans improve their hearing so far and their US support team is always on hand.


  • Reliable- Invented by a Board Certified ENT Surgeon and precisely tuned to a range of sounds associated with the human voice.
  • Rechargeable- The battery life lasts up to 18 hours after charging.
  • Adjustable to your Environment- Noise cancellation technology.
  • Inexpensive- Medical-grade hearing aids for less as well as a limited time only ‘Buy One Get One Free’ deal.
  • Iron-Clad Guarantee- Ensure you are happy with the product you receive.


  • Bulky- Can be slightly bulky on smaller ears.


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If it’s small but powerful you were looking for, look no further than these Eargo Neo HiFi Hearing aids.

As these are medical-grade hearing aids, they provide you with the reassurance they are from leaders in telecare for hearing health and come with a promise of lifetime support from Eargo’s licensed professionals.

You can also work with these professionals from your own home to customize your hearing aids and work out the best sound for you.

Additionally, these hearing aids come with an improved audio bandwidth for the highest quality uninterrupted and clear sound, as well as smart sound cancellation technology to ensure you hear those crisp conversations both indoors and out.

Not only will you be promised clear sound but you’ll also be guaranteed comfort. These hearing aids are open-fit with the design even suspends the devices in the ear canal and allows air to flow through freely.

They also won’t be noticed from the outside and are almost invisible due to them fitting inside the ear canal and eliminating the need for that bulky design that sometimes can cause glasses to fall off.

Finally, if the cost is worrying you, look into your health plan. If your health plan offers a hearing aid benefit, Eargo promises to help provide the documents needed to file your insurance claim. Moreover, if you are a federal employee, you may be eligible for the hearing aids at no cost through the Federal Employees Health Benefits program.


  • Comfortable- Open-fit design.
  • Virtually Invisible- Fit completely inside the ear canal. 
  • Noise Cancellation Technology- Ensure you never miss any conversation again.


  • Price- These are slightly more expensive than some of our other recommendations, however, they offer medical-grade quality and will not require expensive trips to the audiologist.

Best Hearing Aids for Severe Hearing Loss Buying Guide

Since hearing loss is such a common sensory deficit in the elderly, whilst also affecting those in their younger years, the sale of hearing aids is astronomical and has increased significantly over the years.

But when you’re on the hunt for that perfect pair, you want to make sure you’re on the right track. That’s why this buyer’s guide highlights what your main considerations should be when doing your hearing aid research.

Noise Cancellation

As hearing loss can impact your communication with friends and family, it can sometimes lead to feelings of frustration and loneliness. A hearing aid can help with this, and even in a big party of people, can allow you to focus on one particular conversation instead of making you stand in the background and miserably pretend to hear instead.

However, for this to work, you need to be buying a hearing aid that you can rely on in multiple listening environments, including ones that allow you to cancel out other noise and outside conversations.

This is why a reliable noise cancellation technology should be built within your new pair of hearing aids and all high-quality pairs of hearing aids should not only come with this but also come with adjustable settings to suit any environment and directional microphones.


There are two main styles to a hearing aid, one that sits behind your ear or one that is directly inserted into the ear canal. If they are inserted in your ear, they are of course less visible yet generally, ones that sit behind your ear are more powerful and better at dealing with background noise.

They also usually come with dual microphones and offer wireless and Bluetooth-enabled options and so are usually the most popular choice for those with severe hearing loss.

Feedback Suppression

Feedback suppression, otherwise known as digital feedback reduction helps to reduce high-pitched whistling sounds and squeals. A lot of modern hearing aids will include this feature but how powerful and effective it is, depends on the model.

It’s most convenient when you’re near a telephone, when the hearing aid becomes slightly dislodges or if you end up accidentally knocking it. It can also aid how comfortable the hearing aid feels, allow more venting and overall improve the sound quality.

If your hearing aid does not come with this feature, ensure it fits your ear correctly as this will also automatically reduce feedback.

Extra Features

When it comes to researching the best hearing aid, always check out what the whole package includes. We’re going to explain a little bit more on some important features to look out for to make life a little bit easier.

Firstly, you need to check how they are powered. Sometimes, although battery-powered hearing aids may last a little longer, it means you’re going to have to replace the button batteries often.

Instead, perhaps a rechargeable hearing aid would suit you better. Does the hearing aid have vents? These are added into the ear moulds to allow airflow and prevent your ear from feeling blocked. This may be something to look out for if you sweat a lot. A wax guard is also a good idea, which is a replaceable filter to prevent ear wax from getting inside the hearing aid components.

If you want a personalized hearing experience, hearing aids with automatic adaptation allows the hearing aid to adapt to your ear over time and removes the need to return to an audiologist or ask for help from a family member to adjust any settings. You might find yourself still struggling to hear landline telephone calls. If this is the case, search for a hearing aid with a T-coil.

This will improve this mode of listening as the sound is transmitted to the coil itself which eliminates background noise and delivers a clear, crisp sound. Finally, some hearing aids might have Bluetooth and direct audio input. This means you can connect your hearing aid with gadgets such as the TV, MP3 Players, cell phone or radio. This is achieved through Bluetooth or another wired connection. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best design for hearing aids for people with severe hearing loss?

The phone clip+ is a popular design choice for people with severe hearing loss as it can be clipped onto clothing and will allow you to make clear phone calls, mute background noise as well as often stream audio from a Bluetooth-enabled phone.

What is the difference between mild, moderate, and severe hearing loss?

Mild means that you are unable to hear sounds between 20dB and 40dB. Moderate means that you are unable to hear sounds between 41dB and 70dB. Severe means that you are unable to hear sounds between 71dB and 95dB.

What can be used in conjunction with hearing aids if hearing aids are not enough?

Additional devices such as FM systems can be used alongside hearing aids for people with severe hearing loss if hearing aids are not strong enough to aid their hearing difficulties, particularly where a lot of background noise is involved.

What are the most important factors to consider for buying the right hearing aid?

The perfect hearing aid depends on several factors, ranging from the type and severity of your hearing loss, manual dexterity and even your lifestyle. You then also want to keep an eye out on the features and considerations we have listed in our handy buyer’s guide.