Best Hearing Aid Batteries Size 13

You depend upon hearing for many daily scenarios, so investing in a high-quality battery to install in your hearing aid is absolutely crucial!

If you are a hearing aid wearer, it can be difficult finding a battery that simultaneously sits well within your device and performs to maximum capacity. Therefore, you need something reliable, and with enough power to get you through your day. 

Size 13 batteries are far superior to other hearing aid batteries because of their longer lifespan and their constant, intense power. They are most commonly used in larger-in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids and full-featured behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids, but can be used in any audio device well-equipped enough to hold it.

Generally, purchasing a hearing aid battery can be quite daunting, whether it's your first or twentieth time doing it. This is because there are so many products available. As a result, it can be difficult narrowing your search down to one particular product. 

But don’t panic! That’s where our handy guide comes in! In this article, we’ve done all the hard work for you. So, read on to find out our top picks for the best size 13 hearing aid batteries currently available on the market!


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On the hunt for a high performing hearing aid battery without the extortionate cost? Amazon Basics has you covered!

Made using a mercury-free Zinc Air technology, these Amazon Basics size 13 batteries feature 1.45 volt Zinc Air technology that not only ensure a clearer sound, but also allow the battery to drain evenly. This means that the risk of audio interference near the end of the battery’s life will be significantly reduced.

This product also has a quick activation time. Simply remove the sticky tab and allow oxygen to flow for one minute! With such a quick activation process, your hearing aid will be up and running by the time you secure the battery door.

The battery is mercury-free, made in the USA, and is suitable for both in-ear and behind the ear devices. As long as the batteries remain sealed, they can last for up to 4 years. Therefore, the longevity of these batteries is on par with many more prominent named brands, so you really are getting a sweet deal! 

You can guarantee that by purchasing this product, you’ll have a reliable and budget-friendly power source for your hearing aid whenever you may need it! 


  • Good Value - these size 13 batteries come in large packs, so you don’t have to worry about re-purchasing all the time.
  • Shelf Life - considerably longer shelf life than other similar batteries - provided they remain inactivated and sealed.
  • Zinc Air Technology - allows you to stream audio for longer periods of time without serious problems arising.


  • Tab - sticky tab is quite small and can be difficult to grab hold of to open. Might make putting the battery in a bit difficult.


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This economic Power One product gets a rave review from us! It is an all-round winner, combining great value with high performance. 

This mercury-free Zinc Air battery has a large installation tab for your convenience. It’s also discreetly packaged in wheels of 6 batteries each. The product is also quality made in Germany. 

The manufacturer guarantees a fresh battery, which is further protected by a secure stainless-steel case. The Power One size 13 battery has a long expiration date and is great value as well.

While it isn’t the most inexpensive battery on the market, it appears to be long-lasting and cost-effective - so you can expect an impressive shelf life of up to three years at a fraction of the price!

Each single use battery lasts between 4 and 7 days, depending on what you use them for, so you won’t have to worry about having to constantly change the battery. When you do need to insert a new battery, the product features extra long tabs for easy handling.

It carries the well-known Power One name, making it a far more trustworthy buy than other brands.


  • Easy to Open - long tabs mean that switching out batteries is relatively painless.
  • Shelf Life - a secure case means that these hearing aid batteries have an average life of up to 3 years, if they are left unopened. 
  • Convenience - the battery case holds two spare batteries for you to take with you on the go.


  • Battery - they’re disposable batteries, so there isn’t any way of checking how much of the battery power remains in each separate battery. It’s best to keep a spare with you just in case.


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Whether you’re streaming music or simply enjoying the sounds of the world around you,

Duracell has a battery you can trust. 

Duracell have designed these Zinc Air size 13 hearing aid batteries with simplicity in mind. Like other Duracell products, these batteries feature an extra-long EasyTab to make installation as straightforward as possible. As a result, they have been endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation for their superior ease of use.

In terms of battery life, the 1.45 volt Zinc Air technology in this product ensures a high-quality sound and a constant source of power. They have been engineered in such a way to ensure lasting performance, so you can go about your week without having to worry about your battery unexpectedly dying.

They’re also color-coded, making it easy to find the right size for your hearing aids! 

Additionally, these batteries guarantee a life span of 4 years, as long as they are stored at room temperature storage. Their long shelf life means you can buy in bulk and appropriately store the products you have a backup option available. 

With a protective carrying case for travel, you can be rest assured that your hearing aid batteries will be well-protected. Just make sure to keep batteries in their protective pack with the color-coded tab intact until you’re ready to use them! 


  • Easy Tab - makes installing new batteries a breeze.
  • Trusted Brand Name - the Duracell brand is trustworthy, so you know you’re purchasing a quality product.
  • Color Coded - helps you to easily identify the correct battery for your hearing aid.


  • Battery - they won’t last for 7-day-long periods if you are intending to listen to a lot of repeated audio. It’s a good idea to keep spare batteries on hand.


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These Rayovac size 13 hearing aid batteries are sold in a multipack of 16 (eight per wheel) and are stored in the manufacturer’s innovative packaging.

Rayovac’s size 13 batteries typically tend to last longer than the majority of those currently available on the market. This is because they are manufactured with an advanced formula, providing you with a consistent high quality listening experience. Prepare yourself for up to 7 days of stress-free battery life, with many additional hours of wireless streaming than that typically offered by leading competitors! 

Much like other products featured on this list, Rayovac hearing aid batteries have long, wide tabs for easy handling. This makes it much easier to open, saving you valuable audio streaming time.

What sets this product apart from others on this list is its reclosable front facing door. Located on the battery pack, this door snaps shut to protect each size 13 hearing aid battery from damage. It also ensures the longevity of the product. Just make sure that none of the packing is opened when you place the product into storage!

An additional secure back dial prevents the product from spinning, giving you complete control. This also ensures every battery is fully visible without having to turn the package over, making it the perfect accompaniment for those living a more active lifestyle!

Overall, the product offers great performance for an affordable price!


  • Front Facing Door - gives you an added layer of protection for your hearing aids, so you can store them safely. 
  • Battery - expect up to 7 or 8 days of battery life with each individual product. 
  • Great Value - re-purchasing this pack will save you money in the long run. Rayovac also offer larger sized multipacks if you want to keep a supply handy.


  • Expiration - some batteries in the pack may have a shorter expiration date than others. Either use these batteries up first or contact the manufacturer at the point of purchase for an exchange. 


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When you need reliable and long-lasting power for your hearing aids, you can count on the superior quality of the Powermax Zinc Air hearing aid battery. 

Powermax use Zinc Air technology to create a higher energy density, allowing for quick-acting power. It also reaches 1.4 volts, meaning it is long-lasting and will continue to provide clear and consistent sound for as long as you require it.

Not only does this improve the performance of the battery, but it also ensures a longer shelf life. If that wasn’t enough, these Powermax batteries are mercury-free and are fully safe to use in your hearing aid!

Hearing aid batteries all come in similar packaging, so it can sometimes be easy to reach for the wrong size battery. Each package contains 8 cells in a wheel. This particular product features an orange color coded easy pull tab, so you know you’ll be purchasing or using a size 13 battery. The tab also allows for easy insertion into your hearing aid.

Additionally, these batteries may struggle to support Bluetooth streaming for long periods of time. However, they’re usually pretty spot on, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue! If you continue to struggle with audio interference, simply try changing your battery.  

Overall, these batteries are an exceptional value for the price. 


  • Convenient - the packaging contains many batteries (8 cells per package).
  • Color Coded - with orange color coding, you know you’re always buying the right size. This will save you money and time in the long run.
  • Battery - the batteries arrive fresh to ensure higher quality audio. They are also mercury-free, ensuring your safety.


  • Bulk Buying - these batteries might not function to their maximum capabilities after a couple of months in storage. They may make a slight ringing sound, which can be very frustrating. If you find this is the case, contact the manufacturer to see if they can provide you with more adequate help.

Best Hearing Aid Batteries Size 13 Buying Guide

There are several key things you need to consider when in the market for new size 13 hearing aid batteries. We have outlined some of these below.

Purchasing A Hearing Aid Battery in the Correct Size

Purchasing a battery can be quite a daunting task

This is arguably the most important thing you need to think about. You need to make sure to purchase a battery in a size that is compatible with your current aid. 

Your chosen size 13 battery should fit comfortably within your hearing aid. Though this may sound a bit simple, the vast majority of battery packaging tends to look very similar. Therefore, it can be easy to accidentally purchase the brand and type of battery you want in the wrong size. 

This can be combated by using color-coded batteries. The majority of the size 13 batteries on our list offer a distinctive marker, so it becomes harder to make such a mistake. However, this isn’t something that every brand offers - even though it would make everything much more convenient! To combat this issue, try double-checking the battery size in your basket before you make the purchase. 

Just for reference, size 13 batteries are usually orange color-coded. They are also typically used in medium to large behind-the-ear hearing aids, and provide high levels of sound amplification.

Disposable Batteries

The type of battery you purchase largely depends on the hearing aid that you use in your day-to-day life, whether that means you use disposable or rechargeable batteries.

You can, however, see that a large majority of the items on this list are powered by disposable Zinc Air technology. This is largely due to the fact that many new hearing aids are being manufactured to hold such disposable batteries rather than rechargeable batteries. 

Zinc Air-manufactured batteries typically offer a longer life span and give more energy than many other types of cell system or battery, making them the perfect fit for a hearing aid.

Despite this, the most important thing you need to look for when purchasing your size 13 batteries is whether they are mercury-free or not. Not only do these perform better over a longer period of time, but they are also far better for the environment.

There are some downsides to using such technology. Some hearing aid users have reported intermittent sound and warning tones even when batteries are relatively new. Both of these issues are relatively small and can be easily resolved, so it isn’t a large cause for concern. If you are unhappy with the performance of your product, contact the manufacturer to see if they can offer you advice, or an exchange on your product. 

Hearing Aid Battery Freshness

You may not think freshness is an important factor when it comes to purchasing hearing aid batteries, but that’s not the case. Any type of battery has the potential to lose its power after sitting on a warehouse shelf for a prolonged period of time.

To combat this issue, you should check for a guarantee that the batteries you want to buy are shipped relatively quickly after being packaged by the manufacturer. Like any food or beauty product, your batteries should arrive with an expiration date located on its packaging to give you an idea of when to use them by. This is usually around 2 years into the future. If you can’t find an expiration date, contact the supplier immediately!

Just as an extra note, the expiration date is typically the manufacturer's estimate as to how long they expect the product to effectively perform. If you do happen to find that one of your batteries is out of date and still works, don’t be surprised.

While it’s still a good idea to replace it if you can, the batteries will work beyond that date - as long as they show no visible signs of corrosion. Just be prepared for a shortened life span, and don’t expect the highest sound quality, either. 


We recommend purchasing your size 13 hearing aid batteries in multipacks. Not having to re-order batteries each day not only saves you plenty of time, but also means that you have backups ready in case one or more of your current batteries malfunctions.

Unfortunately, some batteries may lose their ability to perform when left in storage. So don’t go crazy and buy hundreds of batteries at a time - unless you are completely certain that you will use each individual one!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are size 13 and size 312 batteries the same?

Size 13 and size 312 batteries have the same radius but different heights (5.44 mm vs 3.6 mm). The main difference in their height means that it does indeed fit some hearing aids and not others.

These batteries are not interchangeable, so you must know which size (or which color tab) your hearing aid requires.

  1. How do I know what size and type of hearing aid battery I need?

The battery size needs to correspond with the make and model of your hearing aids. For example, certain hearing aids require rechargeable size 13 batteries, while others need disposable size 10.

When choosing your battery brand, you must factor in your plans for your hearing aids. If you’re planning to spend hours listening to music, it’s wise to look at the highest voltage and size battery that corresponds with your hearing aid.

  1. Do size 13 batteries last longer?

The larger the hearing aid battery, the longer it will last. Generally, a standard hearing aid battery could last you anywhere between 3 and 22 days. This largely depends on the type of hearing aid you use, the necessary battery type, and how often it is used.

So, if you stream audio for 16 hours a day, your battery will need to be replaced quicker than someone who only streams audio for 7 hours a day.