Best Cordless Phone For Hearing Impaired

Communication is how we get through life. If someone has something important to say and you mishear it it could be disastrous.

And if you need to contact someone who’s far away who doesn’t have the internet for video calling, a phone may be the last remaining port of contact. Essential really.

Thankfully however, there are many cordless phones that are designed with the hearing impaired in mind.

But it’s safe to say that some are better than others. Fortunately, we’ve been checking out some of the best ones on the market. And after much deliberation we were able to handpick our top few favorites to review for you here today.

But we get that choosing one can be tricky, which is why we’ve also put together a handy buying guide to guide you through the process of choosing your cordless phone for the hearing impaired.

Then we’re going to top that off with a section where we answer some of your most frequently asked questions on the subject.

So, without further ado, let’s get straight to it…


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Now, this is a great phone for the hearing imparied.

It’s designed as a phone for seniors, and as such it has many features that lend themselves to the requirements of the hearing impaired.

The first of these is the 5 levels of ringer volume that you can set the phone to. At its maximum volume, the ringer to alert you to incoming calls can be set to as loud as a whopping 90 decibels.

This noise level can be compared to people shouting to be heard over a lot of background noise. You may even be able to hear it from several rooms away.

And when you answer the phone, if you want to increase the volume of the other person on the call, all you have to do is slide the volume control key on the right hand side of the handset. Then if you wish, you can increase the level to up to 50 decibels.

And, as we discuss in our buying guide later, this is loud enough even for those with severe hearing loss. 

Another great thing we love about this phone is how the handset features an extra-large ear cup, this makes it far more roomier for those who are wearing a hearing aid.

Moreover, there’s also an equalizer key on the left hand side of the handset so that you can increase or decrease the frequency of the incoming voice so that it’s easier for you to hear.

We also love the speed dial features of the phone - rather than having to remember too many numbers and forgetting whose is who’s, you can have photos in place for each number on the speed dial.

And it has other bonus features besides. The caller ID is verbally announced, so you don’t have to rush quickly to the phone to see who’s calling. There’s a speakerphone function, so you can continue to fix dinner as you take a call. And the system lets you block nuisance callers with a single touch.

It also features an answering system, on which you can listen to messages repeatedly so that you can catch anything you missed the first time around. And you can listen to messages in slow playback, which is perfect if you get callers who talk too fast.

You can get preowned versions of this phone at a very good price.


  • Adjustable ringer volume up to 90 Db
  • Audio assist increases volume to 50 Db
  • Roomier for listening with a hearing aid
  • Adjust the frequency of incoming voice
  • The caller ID is verbally announced
  • Photograph based speed dial facility
  • Excellent answering machine playback


  • Setting up the answering machine may prove tricky for some
  • You need to add caller ID to your phone service in order to block nuisance calls


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This nifty little cordless phone comes from Clarity. A brand founded as far back as 1969 that has become the world leader in amplified phones and assistive listening devices.

It has an incredibly loud ringer, coming in at a whopping 95 decibels, so even if you’re two rooms away you should still be able to hear it. Moreover, there are 4 different tone settings so you can set the pitch of the ringer too, to make it even easier to hear. 

When you are talking on the phone, you can set the volume as loud as you need to, up to an extra loud 50 decibels, which as we discuss in our buying guide later, this is loud enough even for those with severe hearing loss. 

But that’s not all. You can also increase the volume of your own voice through the phone 15 decibels, to make your own voice easier to hear. This way no-one ever needs to shout down the phone to be heard.

We were also pleased to learn that the device is hearing aid compatible, and offers direct connection to assistive listening devices. And it’s also TIA-1083 compliant, which means that hearing aid users will have significantly reduced interference when using the phone, making their conversations higher quality with less static or buzz. 

This phone also has other great features besides. There are large, high contrast buttons, a high-contrast, easy to read Caller ID screen with a large font. And there’s also talking Caller ID, which means you can discover who’s ringing before you even get to the phone.


  • From a top brand in the industry
  • 95 Db ringer with a choice of tone
  • Increase caller volume up to 50 Db
  • Increase speaker volume up to 15 Db
  • It’s perfectly hearing aid compatible
  • Less static & buzz through hearing aid
  • There’s crisp and clear talking Caller ID


  • Doesn’t feature an answering machine
  • It requires 2 AAA batteries (but these come included on the box)
  • If you buy this product brand new it’s a little expensive, but cheaper pre-owned versions are easy to get hold of


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Now for a brand you’ll definitely have heard of. Panasonic has developed an excellent cordless phone for the hearing impaired, and we weren’t at all surprised to learn that it’s received excellent customer ratings and reviews with the leading online retailers.

First off, not only does it have a very loud ringer, but there are also bright red LED visual ringers on the base unit to let you know when a call is coming through.

And when you do answer a call, you can hear and be heard loud and clear, thanks to the volume boost which can amplify the caller’s voice up to 40 Db. This means that even those with moderate hearing loss can hear it. (More on this in our buying guide a little later.) And there are 6 voice tone settings to choose from.

Another great feature is how the phone suppresses background noise and at the same time enhances the clarity of your voice, so it’s much easier to concentrate on what’s being said over the phone.

The buttons on both the handset and the base unit are incredibly clear and easy to read. And the large backlit screen is also very easy to read.

It also features a speakerphone, so you don’t have to pick up the handset to talk to a caller if you’re busy with something else. And it features a talking caller ID, so you can find out who’s calling before you even get to the phone. And you can program up to 9 speed dials.

It also features a great answering machine service, and one of its great features is how you can slow down the voice messages so that you can understand them better.


  • Has a loud ringer with a bright visual light
  • You can amplify caller’s voice up to 40 Db
  • It works to suppress any background noise
  • Handset and base are both very easy to read
  • Features a speakerphone & talking caller ID
  • Answering machine with Slow Talk feature


  • It requires 2 AAA batteries (but these come included on the box)


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Now, this is a phone that was designed with the hard of hearing in mind.

It comes from Sonic Alert, a great American brand that has been in the business for over 40 years. And they provide products for the hard of hearing that are sold internationally across the world.

It is hearing aid compatible, and has been specially designed to work with hearing aids set to the T position. And, if the user doesn’t happen to have their hearing aid in, they can adjust the incoming volume up to 40 decibels. And as we discuss in our buying guide a little later, this is loud enough to be heard by those with moderate hearing loss. 

And you can adjust the receiving tone control by 10 Db. There’s also a very strong speakerphone capability, so you don’t necessarily have to be holding the handset to have your phone conversation.

It features large easy to read buttons, and there’s also an easy to read display with the time and with Caller ID.

It has an excellent range for a cordless phone and you can even take a call up to 80 meters away in your backyard.

You can store up to 50 phone numbers in its phone book, and set up 4 speed dial numbers.

It runs off 3 AAA batteries which can provide up to 6 hours run time, and there’s an indicator light on the base unit to let you know when the batteries are running low,


  • It’s designed to work with hearing aids 
  • You can adjust the volume up to 40 Db
  • Has a strong speakerphone capability
  • Take calls up to 80 m from base unit
  • Store up to 50 numbers in memory
  • Indicator light when battery is low


  • It doesn’t feature any answering machine service
  • It requires 3 AAA batteries, and sadly these are not included in the box


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Here’s another great cordless phone for the hard of hearing from top brand Clarity.

It has been specially designed for those with moderate hearing loss. It features DECT 6.0 technology which provides the phone with superior sound quality and doesn’t suffer from any interference caused by WiFi networks.

It also features Clarity Power technology which not only makes words louder, but also clearer and easier to understand. 

And there’s a hearing loop installed so you can switch your hearing aid to T-coil. Neat huh? There’s direct connection to assistive listening devices and headsets.

The ringer has 6 levels of volume to choose from, some of them very loud, and you can choose between 10 different ringer melodies. And if you miss the sound, you won’t miss the super bright visual ringer.

And when you take a call, you can amplify the incoming voice by up to 30 decibels making it possible to hear even if you have moderate hearing loss. 

And it features extra loud speakerphone functionality, so you can take a call while you go about your business.

It’s also a great phone for the visually impaired, because it features very large, easy to see buttons, and a backlit display for caller ID, and backlit keypad that you can even see at night. 

And that’s not all, it also features an amplified digital answering system with call screening and call intercept.


  • Comes from a top brand in the industry
  • DECT 6.0 & Clarity Power technology
  • There’s a great hearing loop installed
  • Loud and super bright visual ringer
  • Amplify incoming call by up to 30 Db
  • Extra loud speakerphone functionality
  • Amplified digital answering system


  • You will need to hit the volume boost button every time you take a call (because it disables when you hang up) unless you are using an assistive listening device

Best Cordless Phone For Hearing Impaired Buying Guide

As promised, here’s your buying guide. Here are some key points to consider before you buy.

Volume / Number of Decibels

The first thing to consider is whether the intended user will be able to hear the phone ring in the first place. So, as you go through the options, look into just how loud the ringer is.

Then, just as important, if not more so, is how loud the incoming voice is on the phone. As a general rule, we would recommend a phone with 18 to 28 decibels for mild hearing loss, 30 to 48 decibels for moderate hearing loss, and 50 to 55 decibels for more severe hearing loss.

You may want to have the phone set up so that it is always at a high volume, or alternatively, if there are several people potentially using the phone, a one button press to increase or decrease the volume as required.

Hearing Aid Compatible

There’s little worse than answering a phone with your hearing aid, only to get lots of horrible static and buzz. The way round this is to invest in a phone that is designed to be hearing aid compatible.


We are pleased to report that all of the cordless phones for the hearing imparied that made our shortlist all come from good, well established brands. You will certainly recognise the name Panasonic for one. 

Other Features

If you’re buying this phone for a senior citizen, there may be other features, besides the volume that they may find helpful, such as large buttons with large numbers. Or anything else that makes the phone easier to use, such as speed dials for the people you call most frequently.

Another popular feature is phones that can block nuisance calls. And phones with base units that double as answering machines. And ones with speakerphone capability.

Number of Handsets

If your phone’s base unit is in one corner of your home but you’re in the opposite corner you may struggle to hear it even if you aren’t hard of hearing. Which is why it’s worth considering getting more than one handset.

Value for Money

Cordless phones for the hearing impaired can vary in price, so please be sure to check the prices as you go along. You’ll be pleased to hear that most of the phones that made our shortlist come under the $100 mark. You can stand to save a significant amount of money if you buy pre-owned rather than brand new.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best cordless phone for the hearing impaired?

We would argue that the best cordless phone for the hearing impaired is our number one pick, the VTech SN5127 Amplified Cordless Senior Phone. Here’s a quick reminder of it’s best points:

  • Adjustable ringer volume up to 90 Db
  • Audio assist increases volume to 50 Db
  • Roomier for listening with a hearing aid
  • Adjust the frequency of incoming voice
  • The caller ID is verbally announced
  • Photograph based speed dial facility
  • Excellent answering machine playback