Audien Hearing Aid Review

Hearing loss affects around 430 million people worldwide. Individuals who are hard of hearing generally can’t hear above 20dB. The impairment can range from mild to severe and affect one or both ears. There are many causes of hearing loss, but the most common factor is age.  

By the age of 65 most people will be experiencing some sort of hearing impairment which are categorized as sensorineural, (inner ear), conductive (outer, middle ear), mixed (mixture of both). Overexposure to noise is another common reason for hearing issues, and you should take steps to protect ears and avoid this. Once developed, you can’t reverse hearing impairment, so looking after them is crucial.  What are the symptoms of hearing loss?


Hearing loss isn’t always a case of ‘not hearing. Some people may start to hear strange noises in their ears and a general muffling of sound. They may struggle to hear consonants and have difficulty in environments with lots of different sounds.  They may need others to slow down speech or talk more clearly. It’s common for those hard of hearing to need the TV volume up quite high.

Another sign, and perhaps the most worrying, is that an individual may withdraw from social occasions and conversations. It’s important that if we notice a loved one is isolating themselves that we check in with them and ask if they are struggling with hearing, this will enable you to take appropriate action and investigate ways of addressing it. 

Impaired hearing can affect a sufferer’s life and cause personal psychological problems as well as issues communicating. Thankfully in the world of modern technology there are lots of ways to address hearing loss that can greatly increase the quality of life of an individual.  

Hearing aids

Hearing aids are a wonderful invention and have a plethora of benefits; They provide comfort within listening environments and reduce background sounds. Many hearing aids are super comfortable, making them well worth the investment. How exactly are they made? 

Hearing aid design has changed greatly over the years. Twenty years ago, aids were cumbersome and heavy and contained a volume switch that the user could adjust at certain times. This design was problematic because it meant that users couldn’t hear what they wanted whilst simultaneously blocking out unwanted noise. Thankfully, hearing aids today contain a digital processor that is able to analyze sounds in the environment and adjust accordingly for maximum effect. 

Typically, a hearing aid will fit behind or inside the ear. It has three parts: a speaker, microphone, and amplifier. When sound is received it is converted into elliptical signals that are sent to the amplifier which increases the signal’s power and sends them to the wearer’s ear through the speaker; ingenuous isn’t it? A hearing aid increases the vibrations of sound as it enters the ear. 

The Audien hearing aid is useful and has been designed to assist hearing and deal with conditions such as tinnitus. So, who exactly are Audien hearing?


Arther Garber, the founder of Audien hearing, was astounded when his hard of hearing grandma was charged $6000 for a hearing aid to improve her quality of life. The amount was unaffordable, so he set about investigating alternatives and found that all hearing devices were being sold at ridiculous prices despite the minimal amount of money or cost to produce them. 

With this knowledge under his belt, he created Audien hearing to provide high-quality hearing aids that were affordable and didn’t give the largest cut to salesmen and audiologists. As a result they happen to be the lowest on the market, making the aid accessible to all. 


Audien offers two aids. The first one called the EV1 is a compact design, virtually invisible once inserted inside the ear. Others won’t realize you’re wearing it.  It benefits from having 4 different tip sizes available, meaning it’s suitable for large and small ears. It offers 20 hours of charge, so no need to constantly recharge it. The EV1 is available for less than $100. 

The second product is the EV3. This one is even smaller than the EV1 and provides 24 hours of charge. In fact the EV3 is so small you’ll hardly feel them.  The EV3 offers 6 different tips for ultimate comfort.  The EV3 is more expensive than the EV1 at $249 but offers wireless charging and the smallest size. 


Audien hearing aids are able to amplify voices whilst simultaneously cutting down background noise, making it easier for hearing impaired people to listen to the important things in comfort. 

The materials used in the aids are comfortable to the touch and won’t irritate the ear canal. Although the company offers different sized buds, they don’t fit everyone, so they have offered a 45-day money-back guarantee. 

With the long battery life, the hearing aids can be charged through the night, so they are available for use all day. Rechargeable batteries are super convenient and help to avoid the fiddly nature of disposable batteries, ideal if you have any visual impairment.  The downside of rechargeable batteries is that they aren’t available in specific styles, however they are much better for the environment, so are a good choice for reducing your carbon footprint. 


The Audien online shop offers 4 accessory packs. For the EV3 there is a wireless charging block, cable, and dock which you can purchase for $14. They also sell a kit that contains an accessory case, 12 replacement earbuds, screwdriver, and cleaning brush and 8 wax guards, at only $9 it’s well worth purchasing alongside the EV3. 

For the EV1 you can get 2 charging blocks and plugs as well as a replacement kit that also includes a volume adjustment. 


  • Good Reviews 

The website has a selection of fantastic reviews for the hearing aids with happy customers. It’s important to investigate independent reviews to get an idea of the general opinion of the aids. 

  • Online Ordering 

The purchasing process is super easy. A few clicks and they’re on their way to you. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty for peace of mind. 

  • Customer support 

The company offers swift help and support 24/7 if there are any problems. Just explain your issue, and they’ll be there to help.

  • Affordable 

As mentioned earlier one of the biggest advantages of the Audien hearing aid is its affordability. The company has made hearing accessible to everyone so no one has to suffer due to a limited budget. 


  • Charging and cleaning 

The hearing aids have limited charge and won’t go on for days. You need to charge them at least once a day, depending on the model and usage. 

They also require daily cleaning to keep them free from dirt and dust. 

  • One size fits all

They can’t be customized for individual ears. There is only one size with limited adjustment options.

  • Not durable 

Unlike other hearing aids, the Audien products need replacing regularly. They have limited life span, so you may need to factor that into budgeting costs. 

  • Limited use 

The aids aren’t suitable for people with complex hearing loss, as they will require an aid with sophisticated design and to be fully customizable. 

Independent reviews of Audien hearing aids are mixed. However, negative reviews are mostly focused on not receiving what was ordered and trouble getting refunds.  On the other hand product reviews are mostly positive with many people commenting on how the aids have improved their hearing. 

The buying process is easy, just add to cart and make payment. You can easily track an order by creating an account and logging on at any time with your account and order number. You are able to mark the purchase as a gift and can still be returned if necessary. 

The one-year warranty ensures that customers can receive a free replacement product if it breaks or is faulty. Customers also have the option to provide lifetime protection that will ensure the product is replaced if  broken, dropped in water or has any other problem. 

Adapting to the Audien Hearing Aid 

As with all hearing devices, it may take a while to adjust to the Audien.  The company suggests wearing the aids for a few hours each day and increasing time over a period of 4 weeks. At first, concentrate on 1-1 conversations in the house before moving on to outside. 

Reading aloud may help new users get used to hearing their own voice, as well as listening to audiobooks and the TV. Increasing the time wearing the aids and gradually doing more complex activities will help users avoid becoming overwhelmed with all the noises that exist all at once. 

If you or a loved one is suffering with complex and serious hearing loss, you should consult a professional audiologist initially for a diagnosis to ensure you invest in the right hearing aid for your condition. 

It’s true to say that diminished hearing can be distressing to sufferers, but it need not affect the quality of life and thanks to the modern world there are ways to combat such ailments.